How Successful Do You Want To Be?

What do YOU want to achieve?
How will YOU achieve it?
What tools will YOU need?
How do YOU start?

Welcome to the Journey that jump starts your road to success and helps you discover the answers to these questions.

Over the last 25 years I never ceased to be amazed at one singular and surprising (at least to me!) fact: very few people really know what they want to achieve, have little idea of what tools will be necessary, and have no workable plan to get them there.

What's missing?

They haven't learned or been taught the principles of self-leadership! Dr. Poland tells it like it is and brings the insight of a physician-scientist to the important topic of success, work-life balance, and healthy living – what it is and how to get there.

What Is Leadership and How Is It Connected With Success?

Leadership is all about influencing and mentoring other people to accomplish an individual or common goal. Self-leadership is, quite literally, all about you leading you to achieve what you want. Put another way, the goal of self-leadership is first to determine what you want to achieve (purpose and passion), second to determine what tools or experiences are required to get there (plan), and third to devise a realistic plan to get there (performance). It is only with these foundational pieces in place that you can effectively lead yourself and others – at least in a manner likely to be successful. The concept has ancient origins, Plato counseled, "Know thyself".

Dr. Poland has discovered and teaches that it is the intersection of the following circles: Motivation, Self-Development and Leadership, and Well-Being/Health (mental, spiritual and physical), when coupled with Purpose, Passion, and Plan that leads to Top Performance; and these are the non-negotiable ingredients that leads to success and happiness. Dr. Poland believes that a successful life is all about courage, change and commitment. It takes purpose, passion, and planning to dream, to set goals, to change, to go in a new direction, and to build – even when few believe in you. The distractions of the "amusement park" of life are such that most of us never take the time to really think about what we are called to and what we should be doing and how to go about doing it.

Why is this Important?

  • Life is for real – there is no dress rehearsal and there is no reverse or do-over
  • This is your one and only time
  • You leave a legacy – one way or another
  • You get to choose
  • You want to fulfill your potential and your dreams
  • You want to mentor and role model success and happiness to others

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My Mission

To provide you with the information, tools, and road map toward transformational change that leads to success and increased productivity, health and well-being.