How do I contact Dr. Poland?  Dr. Poland can be contacted by completing the form in the “Contact Me” page of his website drgregpoland.com

What are Dr. Poland’s fees?  Dr. Poland’s fess are based on a combination of travel and preparation time, group size, and organization type.  Please contact us to help you find the right solution for your needs.

What kind of audience ratings does Dr. Poland get?  Dr. Poland is consistently ranked as the top speaker at each conference where he speaks.  His unique blend of expertise, credibility and experience, knowledge, humor, and passion resonate with his audiences.

Does Dr. Poland have any special audiovisual needs?  Depending upon your meeting needs, Dr. Poland can produce a blow out multimedia experience for your large or mega-group meeting, or a simple and straight-forward small group seminar.  Contact us to get details based on your meeting needs.

How long has Dr. Poland been professionally speaking?  Dr. Poland has been a public speaker his entire professional career (30 years); speaking at small, mid-size, and mega-events from the platform, in small group settings, and in the broadcast and radio media.

What kind of audiences does Dr. Poland speak to?  Dr. Poland speaks to professional, scientific, and general audiences.  Examples of recent audiences have included the Department of Defense, members of the US intelligence community, fire fighters, first responders, State Police Associations, professional organizations, academic groups, industry, and many others.