Keynotes & Seminars

General Audience Keynote Talks and Seminars

  • Work-Life Balance:  How To Make It All Work!
  • Creating A Successful and High Performance Life
  • The Guaranteed Roadmap to Success and Outstanding Productivity
  • Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, and Healthy Spirit:  Achieving the Keys to Long Life and Happiness
  • Avoiding The Common Pitfalls of Poor Leadership
  • The Thermodynamics of Success:  Your Prescription for Achieving Your Dreams
  • Creating A Plan For Personal Success:  A Practical How-To Guide
  • How To Manage Your Boss


Scientific Audience Keynote Talks

  • The Thermodynamics of Success in Science
  • Writing and Publishing Your Paper – Tips From An Editor-In-Chief
  • Running A Laboratory – A Roadmap For Success and High Performance
  • Writing Winning Grants – Getting Your Grant In The Top 5%
  • Scientific Productivity – Strategies That Consistently Pay Off
  • Work-Life Balance From The Perspective Of A Successful Physician-Scientist
  • Creating An Individual Plan For Professional Success
  • Transformation and Innovation in Science – What Holds Us Back?